17th April 2024 - ACCIRCULATE participated  in the Parliamentary Breakfast event held at the European Parliament in Brussels organized by the PM² Alliance

EC Methodologies in the Service of EU Public Administration

Harnessing the Power of AI in Projects and EU Funded Initiatives


ACCIRCULATE, as PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Provider, has been invited in the panel to provide a perspective in the fields of sustainability and circularity for PM² methodology and AI in public administrations.  


Our Managing Partner Franco Petocchi has been honored with the Recognition of Contribution award!

This prestigious award recognizes our commitment and dedication to promoting European Commission Methodologies for the advancement of Public Administration.


FEB 2024 - Conference "Circular Economy in Defence" 26° ISSMI

Third year presentation by Franco Petocchi and Umberto Rossi ACCIRCULATE at the 26º ISSMI course 2023-24 (Master level course for senior officials at the Istituto Superiore di Stato Maggiore Interforze, Italian Defence Academy) see more

DEC 2023 - HAU  Project Management Best Practices Conference 2023

Franco Petocchi guest speaker on the topic Sustainability: Circular Supply Chains and Project Management see more 

JUN 2023 - Ship Recycling Regulation SRR Workshop - Circular Economy End-of-life

ACCIRCULATE participated in the EU Ship Recycling Regulation SRR evaluation workshop and contributed to the initiative coordinated by Ecorys and sponsored by the European Commissionsee see more

JUN 2023 - EU Grant Award BAC4SHC Project - HORIZON EUROPE / MSCA SE  

ACCIRCULATE is an Affiliated Partner, contributing on the main topics of  Circular Economy and Circular Supply Chains to the EU Funded BAC4SHC Project “Business Angels and Crowdinvestors for Startups’ Human Capital” (green & digital transitions)

BAC4SHC has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon – MARIE SKLODOWSKA – CURIE ACTIONS STAFF EXCHANGES (MSCA -SE) MSCA – SE-2022 -101129958

2021-2022 - ACCIRCULATE contributed to the DG MOVE Drone 2.0 Strategy adopted by the European Commission in NOV 2022 

EU 7-year strategy, legislative train for the Drone sector

Consultation as key stakeholder on Circular Economy & Circular Supply Chains for drones in logistics see more

SEP 2022 - ACCIRCULATE at the 1st MOOVE Connected Mobility Advisory Board in Munich

ACCIRCULATE contributed to the advisory board meeting on the topics of Environmental Sustainability,  Circular Economy and Circular Supply Chains  with reference to Fleet Management Telematics  see more

FEB 2022 - Presentation at The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE

Franco Petocchi ACCIRCULATE guest speaker on the topic of Circular Supply Chains see more

MAY 2021 - CIRC4Life Project Open Innovation Camp - EU Funded Circular Economy Project HORIZON 2020 Programme 

ACCIRCULATE contributed to the CIRC4Life Project Open Innovation Camp.

During the two-day Open Innovation Camp event, 70 circular economy experts from 18 countries took part in evaluating the CIRC4Life results and jointly and individually provided critical and encouraging comments. Participants provided excellent feedback, mentioning an intense but well structured workflow, excellent presentations, and valuable exchanges see more

NOV 2020 -  ACCIRCULATE at the 2020 PM² Alliance Conference

The presentation provided insights on the topic of transitioning to Circular Economy with focus on Circular Supply Chains and its relationship to sound project management and the PM² methodology see more


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