Brian Thelen

Senior Expert


Brian is an education expert and a PM² Trainer at Accirculate with over 20 years in Montessori education and nearly a decade in supply chain and contracts management.​

He hold a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management and certifications in Montessori education (AMI Adolescent Studies) and Circular Economy courses at TU Delft University. During his tenure as a Montessori guide to adolescence, Brian developed real world microeconomic design projects, utilising the design cycle and instilling ecological practices. He hold International Baccalaureate certifications in mathematics, design, and physical and health education.​

Previously, as an integrated product team lead for a leading American electronics corporation, Brian planned, negotiated, and procured multi-million dollar federal government subcontracts. Later, he specialized in information technology and professional services, where he championed projects by delivering significant process improvements.​

Circularity is not only Brian's  career passion but is also his approach to life as a land conservation steward, biological agriculturist, and accomplished Ironman triathlete.