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Accirculate  mission is to  "accelerate circularity", which is embedded in its name. 

 is active on research & innovation and it provides advisory & consulting services for transitioning to Circular Supply Chains and sustainable solutions, by leveraging circular  business models, digital and Industry 4.0 technologies.

 fosters and facilitates dialogue, collaboration and partnerships among industry, academia and public stakeholders, targeted at Circular Economy and Sustainability public funding opportunities (i.e. European Commission Horizon Europe Programme).

Accirculate  brings, in collaboration with academia, integrated industry and consulting experience and expertise in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Energy, Sustainability, Strategy, Transformation, Project Management, Industry 4.0 and Digital  technologies.  

Accirculate  is an Affiliated Training Provider of the PM2 Alliance. PM2 (pmsquare) is a standard project management methodology, developed by the European Commission  www.pm2alliance.eu/user/accirculate-sprl/

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